Muso Casa Women’s Clothing

Muso Casa Clothing

Muso Casa Women’s Clothing is a high street fashion collection of tops and skirts available in separate pairs for women.




Muso Casa women’s clothing includes four varieties of skirts and seven varieties of tops to go with the skirts. All designing is done to bring forth high street designs. The collection is made using deluxe quality fabric for the outer fabric and the inner lining. The fabric is 100% premium quality fabric. Hence, the feel of the clothing after wearing it feels luxurious. It is embellished with sequins, aztec gold and white prints, crystal and bead patches and crystals on prints. In addition, the straps of the tops are made with suede to give a velvety feel.

The silhouettes of the skirts are A lines and straight with high waists that curve around the hips.

Similarly, the tops are given an hourglass shape to give a more feminine feel.

The clothing are available in five size 8,10,12,14 and 16.

The tops of the Muso Casa collection are:

  • Halter Illusion top
  • One shoulder top
  • Christmas cherries top
  • Petal top
  • Hawaiin pineapples top
  • Red Glitz top
  • One shoulder pineapple top

The skirts of the Muso Casa collection are:

  • Glamorista
  • Egyptian Queen
  • Christmas Gold
  • Hawaiin Dance

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