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The Mussonzey Collection

Muso Casa Jewelry includes a wide variety of fashion jewelry necklaces including pearls and uncut glass and a capsule collection of bracelets integrated under the name The Mussonzey Collection.

Muso Casa Necklaces

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Muso Casa Bracelets

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All our necklaces variety ranges from matinee length neck pieces to rope length neck pieces.

We offer different colors of high quality faux pearls in our pearl necklace collection such as dark grey, baby pink, white, gold, brown and light grey. Hence, giving an opportunity to team with any color outfit.

Our uncut glass pendant pieces in the necklaces are an inspiration from the eastern world.These are a specialty from India that have enameling work a the back of the pendant on every piece. Thus, making them special in their very own ways.

Most of our necklaces have extensions provided at the back that are made of sterling silver.

The filigree effect are an inspiration of the delicateness of fine jewelry of the middle east.

Muso Casa Jewelry of the capsule collection bracelets includes three types of bracelets. In addition, there is a wrist band with faux leather backing. Moreover, he bracelets include a red and black faceted bead bracelets, faux pearls and 3D stones wristband.

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