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Muso Casa #1: Tops Collection 1

Muso Casa #1: Tops

Our first collection of tops is based on superior quality cotton for all the luxury fabric lovers.

The tops include four varieties:

  • The petal
  • Hawaiin Pineapples
  • Christmas Cherries
  • One Shoulder

All designed in a dartless structured pattern to give an hour glass fit.

The tops are made with 100% cotton sateen fabric as the main fabric and faux suede straps. All tops are lined with the same main fabric.

Each of the tops are hand embellished.

The Hawaiin Pineapples and Christmas cherries top have hand sewn beads and claw rhinestone pineapple and cherry patches on faux felt. The three dimensional bedazzled patches give the extra rich look to the whole attire with the focus on the neckline.

The Petal top is designed to give a two overlap petal look to the top. Both the petals are loose and not stitched with each other to give the depth to the petal look. The neckline of the petals are embellished with assorted colorful small stones and faux crystals edged with rose gold colored chains on both sides.

The one shoulder top is a pure 100% cotton top. Its neckline is embellished with a white and gold aztec print on a black border with hand stitched decorative gold colored claw rhinestone with extra base depth.

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