Our Story

Our Inside Story

because it is a deep secret that you may have to read to find out

Our Story?

Our story began in….

Hey, wait! isn’t that boring?

Alright. Let’s Glam it up a bit!

“I pledge to never use anything that would lead to harming the environment.”…

and then they turned and looked at each other wondering, ‘was that really possible?’

As they were spending their years studying through their engineering lives, they couldn’t help but realize how fast fashion changed.

Fast fashion also meant affordable fashion. Leading to the use of cheaper fabrics to make them such as polyester (which sometimes literally feels like plastic).

Observing the definition of fashion change fortnightly, the duo believed it was time to bring in fashion that is sustainable, innovative, classic and elegant.

But who was going to do that?

it wasn’t long when they thought “Why not be the change that we would like to see in this world?

“We are engineers and not designers, so how is that going to help?”, said one to another.

But like someone wisely said, ‘ it is only the passion that can help one achieve great heights’.

So, with a vision and a mission the girls set foot in learning the art of fashion.

Earning the knowledge in both, engineering and fashion, the sisters now had the understanding so as to how to integrate the best of both worlds for the people in everyday life especially when it comes to the genre of dressing themselves up.

This gave birth to a brand named Muso Casa that would be a new mastery in the field of fashion.

What makes our products Luxury?

All Muso Casa products are in-house made. The designs are sketched and handmade by our designers. The whole process is done using internationally trained techniques.

The fabrics and embellishment used is of the utmost premium quality. Therefore, creating a set of collection that ranks absolutely high in luxury standards.

Our style pieces are only made to order and therefore are extremely limited in quantity.

Our commitment to the environment

Muso Casa pledges to protect the environment.

Hence, keeping our products are only made to order, which means there will be no wastage of unbought products.

Most of the raw materials used are organic and environment friendly.

We are using the most minimum materials that are causing damage the environment for example, plastics. Hence, making all our products 80% sustainable in the fashion world.

Saying no to Animal Cruelty!

No animals are harmed during the making or testing of Muso Casa products.

We are also using alternative materials instead of leather and fur or any other raw materials involving animals. 

We are delivering our products in eco packaging without any use of plastics. Therefore, making the packaging 100% recyclable to prevent the damage caused by plastics.

We are producing very limited products in every style in a year. Thus, reducing the wastage that is being done due to fast fashion.

Luxury Limited Edition Collection includes

Our Luxury Limited Edition currently includes the following:

How we work

  1. The designers at Muso Casa are are categorized as Fashion Clothing Designers and Head-to-Toe Accessory and Footwear Designers.
  2. Firstly, the inspiration of the Muso Casa collection is decided.
  3. The designing takes place around the inspiration to give a whole look with our collection and the sketches are made.
  4. Then choose the every raw materials carefully checking the feel of the same and its hazards to the environment.
  5. All the products are then handmade step-by-step by the designers themselves.
  6. Concentration is kept on every small detail till each product is finished and ready to be shipped out.

Soon to launch:

Due to our growing popularity we are soon going to launch:

  • Accessories
  • Dresses
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear

Our products can only be purchased through our website and nowhere else.