Shop with Muso Casa

How to Shop with Muso Casa?

  1. Logon to on your web browser.

    Muso Casa Step 1

  2. Hover over the word Shop and choose a category and a sub category.

    Muso Casa step 2

  3. Choose a product that you like

    Muso Casa step 3.JPG

  4. In case of Clothing, please refer the size chart before ordering or contact our support team for help. Accordingly choose your size and the quantity and click add to cart.

    Muso Casa step 4

  5. A notification will appear when the product has been added to the cart.

    Muso Casa step 5.JPG

  6. You could continue shopping and adding products to the cart in a similar way.

  7. To go to the cart, there are 3 ways:

    First by clicking on the word cart in the navigation bar, second by clicking on the cart icon on the right hand side of the navigation bar (shown in the image) and third by clicking on the word cart in the green notification bar. Muso Casa step 6.JPG

  8. A list of all the products that were selected will be displayed in the cart. You could remove or modify the list if needed. Then click on Proceed to Checkout.

    Muso Casa step 7.JPG

  9. On the checkout page, fill in all the details or create an account or login if you already have an existing account, choose a payment option and click on place order.

    Muso Casa step 8.JPG