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World of Muso Casa

Muso Casa was founded in 2019 as a brand offering selective and limited collections, designed and crafted in its atelier.

The world of Muso Casa create an alluring concoction of sophisticated colours and charming embellishments inspired by historic royalty to provide a range of bags, vegan leather accessories, hair accessories and apparel for the modern women.

Creative Director


Growing up in an environment of tech, medicine and arts in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, India, Muskaan always envisioned creating head-to-toe sartorial styles for women who wanted to feel confident and glamorous in what they wear and use.

muso casa designer
Muskaan conducting prototype testing in the atelier

After achieving her own double bachelors degree in engineering and complimentary medicine, she travelled to New York and Europe to learn about their cultures and heritage and get trained in the techniques they use. She then brought back her expertise to her home country where she started the brand Muso Casa, blending in the artistry of Indian embroidery using techniques from the west. As a Creative Director she designs, innovates and crafts every single piece and breathes life into them by adding her own touch of individuality to them.

Muskaan with her very first capsule collection

Sustainability and Animal Welfare

Muso Casa Clutches

In addition to being unique and exclusive, Muso Casa aims to create its designs keeping the environment and animal welfare in mind. This is achieved by using high quality vegan materials, opting out of mass production and over production that leads to landfill and creating lasting products that can be handed over to and admired by future generations.