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Pre-Order Dates

27th-29th October 2023

Limited. Exclusive. Rare.

For everyday wear.

A lifestyle brand that seamlessly intertwines style, vibrance, and glamour.

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Vibrant & Glamorous


Commitments of our Creations

Craftsmanship & Quality

Every item in our collection is handcrafted using luxury materials which takes 38 hours to create every piece, reflecting both passion and quality to the craft. The wabi-sabi effect gives the intricate artistry a hand-touched story.

Limited Collections

In keeping with our dedication to uniqueness, Muso Casa offers only limited pieces in every collection. With our limited-edition pieces, you can indulge in fashion that stands out from the crowd and exudes a captivating allure.


Limited-edition and members-only collections ensure that your fashion choices remain distinctive and exceptional. Muso Casa products are not stocked anywhere else as we strive to create a sense of rarity and exclusivity.


This means that when you choose a Muso Casa creation, it is crafted exclusively when you place an order for it. This personalized approach ensures that you receive a brand new quality checked creation and not something that was stocked.

Bernardina Vargas

Editor-in-Chief of The LA Fashion magazine using Muso Casa.

Membership Privileges

If you are a member of Muso Casa, you are invited to an exclusive online shopping experience which would be unavailable for the guests.

 Privileges offered:

  • Option to purchase from the entire pre-order collection a week in advance. If the product gets sold out during the members-only week, it will not be offered to the guests in the pre-order week.
  • Access to members-only products.
  • Access to special annual and festive collections.
  • Priority dispatch on purchases.

You can apply to join the waiting list for the membership after you have placed your first order.

Memberships are free of charge. The acceptance of membership is subject to availability.

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