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We invite you to explore and purchase our two new collections on pre-order dates 27th-29th October, 2023.

Limited. Exclusive. Rare.

For everyday wear.

A lifestyle brand that seamlessly intertwines style, vibrance, and glamour.

The Tropical Queens collection

The Tropical Queens collection is an exquisite assemblage that draws inspiration from the paradisiacal essence of tropical summers. It captures the leisurely days of indulgence, where moments are savored with delectable fruit bowls and refreshing beverages, leading into an ambiance of sophisticated night-life.

The collection comprises of three flat clutch bags, each accompanied by a metal chain for convenient sling usage. These bags showcase Muso Casa’s distinctive front pocket designed uniquely and beautifully with exquisite hand embroidered beads, sequins and rhinestones.

(All Tropical Queen clutch bags will logos in the form of metal badges.)

Pre-orders from 27th-29th October, 2023

Created to glamorize outfits from sunrise to midnight.

Indulge in

Vibrant & Glamorous


The Bling Empresses collection

The Bling Empresses are crafted drawing inspiration from the enchanting shimmery sparkle of the New Year’s eve decorations during wintry nights. These three exquisite pieces showcases our signature front pocket design in tweed fabric, embellished with sequins, beads, rhinestone and goldwork, capturing the essence of elegance and sophistication.

Pre-orders from 27th-29th October, 2023

Commitments of our Creations

Craftsmanship & Quality

Limited Collections Only



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From the Creative Director

“We endeavored to incorporate a greater array of hues and embellishments to add a sense of joy and cheerfulness in the world.”


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Membership Privileges

Members of Muso Casa VIP enjoy a range of exclusive privileges when making purchases on our online store. These include priority deliveries, access to special festive product releases, and more.

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Seen in Press

Bernardina Vargas

Editor-in-Chief of The LA Fashion magazine using Muso Casa.

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