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VIP Membership Details

As a distinguished member of Muso Casa’s VIP program, we cordially extend our invitation to you for an extraordinary online shopping encounter that is exclusively reserved for our esteemed patrons. This unparalleled opportunity is impeccably tailored to provide an exquisite shopping experience that is unavailable to non-members.

The privileges provided are as follows:

  • VIP members will have the opportunity to acquire items from the complete pre-order selection one week ahead of general availability. In the event that a product becomes sold out during the exclusive members-only period, it will not be made accessible to non-members/guests during the subsequent pre-order week.
  • Access will be granted to shop from our exclusive VIP catalog, featuring specially curated products.
  • Customers will enjoy privileged access to our exclusive festive and seasonal collections.
  • Priority dispatch will be given to purchases made by VIP members.

Once you have made your initial purchase, you will have the opportunity to submit an application to join the waiting list for our membership program.

Membership is offered at no cost, and acceptance is contingent upon availability.