How to Shop on the Muso Casa website?

Read the detailed steps on how to shop on the Muso Casa website here: https://musocasa.com/shop-with-muso-casa/

What are the Return and Refund policies?

Read about our Return and Refund policies here: https://musocasa.com/returns/

How are the products shipped?

Read about our Delivery and Shipping here: https://musocasa.com/delivery-shipping/

Is the website secure?

Yes. The website is secured with WordPress and JetPack security terms and it is SSL certified. The payments or credit card or debit card are Razorpay protected.

What kind of payment types are available?

The payments can be made using a Debit card or Credit card directly.

Can I place the order without creating an account?

Yes, an order can be placed without creating an account. But we recommend creating an account for faster checkout on future orders.

Where is the product shipped out from?

Our warehouse in Mumbai, India and that is where it will be shipped out from.

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